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Jera and Stover are two guys, from small town Maine, who sit in a basement and challenge one another to like the other’s favorite Music, TV Shows, Movies, Foods, Activities and more….

January 29, 2016

Justin “Stovepipe” Stover: New Album Interview

Hey.  You know who is ultra talented?  That Justin Stover kid.  Yeah I'm talking 'bout Stovepipe.  Well he is back with a brand new album.  Love in the Time of Satanic Panic Chapter 1.  I gotta say it's good...I mean REALLY good!  Set in the 80s and drawing inspiration from John Hughes films and Satanic Panic films of that era Justin's music combines classic rock with soulful singer/songwriter and blue collar style.


You can find Stovepipe's new album on Band Camp at the link below and on iTunes.



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